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If You Found This Site, Your Potential Customers Will Too
Visitors to the Houston Business Directory are probably arriving via the same, or a similar route, to the one that you took. Simple common sense would suggest that this Web site is where potential customers will expect to find businesses similar to yours. If your business isn't listed, your potential customers will only be able to choose among your competitors.
Built From the Ground Up With Traffic In Mind
The Houston Business Directory was developed by InfoServe Media, LLC, a Houston Web design business with measurable experience in driving traffic to online businesses.

All elements of the Houston Business Directory, including the domain name, META tags, body copy, and sparse graphics, were chosen to maximize the amount of traffic received from top-level search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search. This traffic in turn results in a high number of targeted click-throughs to sites listed in the Houston Business Directory.

Internal features of the site, such as direct response forms and JavaScripts, encourage repeat visits. In addition, the default results for all categories are randomly displayed to ensure an even distribution of traffic among the listings.
Better Value Than Phone Book Advertising
Yellow pages advertising can be expensive. With two simple and affordable listing plans, the Houston Business Directory provides a value to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that is unavailable with phone book advertising.
Listing Options
Featured Listing - $24.97 $14.97 (lifetime listing, one-time payment)

  • Permanent, lifetime listing for your business.
  • Priority placement above all other links in categories and searches.
  • Receive approximately 71% more click-throughs than Standard Listings.
  • Listing title and description of your choice.
  • Additional keywords for searches performed on the Houston Business Directory site.
  • Red, bold-faced title formatting.
  • Must follow listing policies.
  • Guaranteed review in 24 - 48 hours.

Standard Listing - $11.97 $6.97 (lifetime listing, one-time payment)

  • Secondary placement in categories and searches.
  • Gray title formatting.
  • Must follow listing policies.
  • Guaranteed review in 3 - 4 weeks.

If your business does not yet have a Web site, please consider having your site developed and hosted with InfoServe Media, LLC. Professional Web design packages are offered as well as DIY Web design. You can also purchase domain names and sign up for Web site hosting services directly from the InfoServe Media site. Call today to get your business online! 1.800.838.2203
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