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Houston Business Directory Listing Policies

The following listing policies are in place to ensure quality results for all users:
  1. All businesses must have a physical location in the Houston, TX area. Businesses that are not located in the Houston, TX area should not submit to this directory.
  2. All sites must be complete. Sites that are still in development or "under construction" will not be added to the directory.
  3. Each site must be hosted on its own domain. Sites hosted on their own domain (e.g. your-business-name.com) are considered more stable than those that are not (e.g. geocities.com/users/~sally_joe/).
  4. No pop-ups. Sites with JavaScript pop-up advertising will not be added.
  5. No MLM, work-from-home, or gifting club sites. Sites promoting these types of businesses will not be listed in the directory.
  6. No promotion of illegal activity. This includes but is not limited to sites promoting illegal drug sales or use, prostitution, or gambling.
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